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“my father taught me to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated, it’s that simple”

fotos-for-barcelona-sarah-whiteThis issue isn’t really about police officers. It’s about race and equality, and why it’s systemic in our society and has been for a very long time.

It’s so interesting that in this article you’ll see that polls show police as being on par with the clergy as a nobel profession (which is saying a lot!).

But why these serious issues then, is it really about the police?

I’d like to submit the idea that it’s far more systemic a problem than simply those who wear a blue uniform. Racism is something that Donald Trump is proving to be alive and well outside of the police force. It’s the only good thing I will say about his current run for President; that it is bringing awareness to the crazy hatred that is still alive and well throughout our country, a country that I will add is based on freedom for all, regardless of sexual orientation, race, nationality and religion – which presents such a dichotomy.

So I would say that our new awareness of what is happening via law enforcement is critical. It’s not just the men in blue though, it’s how we all treat each other. Paraphrasing an officer who commented on another post, “my father taught me to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated, it’s that simple”.

The attention this issues deserves is as important as the attention that was finally forced upon the clergy as they repeatedly emotionally and sexually abused children in a house of worship. The abuse of children by this particular role in society (clergy) was unimaginable to me.

When I think about someone being shot to death in his own car, in front of his wife and child after being pulled over for a broken tail-light, I’m equally stunned. It’s equally unimaginable, and it absolutely must be intentionally and effectively addressed.

These recent videos have made the current challenges with race, along with the Trump candidacy, not just a nationwide challenge, but a challenge for all of humanity. I will reiterate that toxic masculinity also plays a strong role in this. How many women are killed by police officers as opposed to men? Why is it that men wind up in these situations more often? Both sides are to blame for sure but this “gun happy, stand for your rights so you are allowed to shoot people” bullshit has got to be transformed because the road we’re on is only going to get darker if we don’t address it NOW.

I completely agree with the poll that shows the roll of police as critically important. See Nakia Jones demonstrate some real passion for her role in the community, it’s incredibly moving. For that reason we have to intentionally address the problem with police officers who do not respect the responsibility of their role, and the way in which their internal camaraderie and command can corrupt so many good officers because there is an extreme pressure to not make waves. There must be repercussions for this kind of abuse of responsibility.

We can ALL do this by looking at our own prejudice, fear and discomfort. This is a country that was founded upon principles that we are going to have to stand very tall not only to preserve, but to create as something that openly thrives.

God will Bless America, when we do…



7c3c4cbd7f284472212283430b5a76ffMost of us want peace. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement as much as I stood side by side with my LGBT friends. And..I’m neither Black nor Gay…well my politics would say that we’re all Black and Gay but that’s me:)
You don’t have to be any of those things to show solidarity with a peoples struggles for freedom, equality and justice. To try and whitewash what is happening in this country by using the phrase that all lives matter is like rubbing salt in the wounds. Of course all lives matter.

#Blacklives Matter, #BlueLivesMatter, #Muslimlivesmatter , #Gaylivesmatter. That’s why there are so many white folks and policeman standing with the ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ folks. To truly understand this I believe (and this is just one womans opinion!), you’ve got to get your ego out of the way and realize that simply by being born with white skin or being born straight or not Muslim, Native American or any other minority , you’ve got a bit more privilege in this white mans America. BTW..It’s the same thing if you’re a woman. We’re still fighting for wage equality and freedom over our bodies and plenty of men have walked that walk alongside of me. Sorry, but it’s true. If you’re going to worry that somehow the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t include you and doesn’t honor everyone else, then you are probably white.

For example- Pro- Choice doesn’t and has never just meant abortion. Plenty of men have marched with me. I’ve marched with my gay friends for years. I stand with my Muslim friends and I’m a Jewish girl.

These shootings come on the heels of a conversation that we had the other night with a black man and his girlfriend while we were enjoying our last soak in the hot tub in California. He was obviously a highly educated, well dressed corporate guy with a great job in technology and he had a beautiful and very funny blonde girlfriend. We had a blast talking about LeBron James and the Cavs and then somehow the conversation turned to Alton Sterling. Shadows came across their faces as they recounted the many times that they’d been pulled over and threatened, and that she simply by being with him was threatened and treated as a potential criminal. Thrown against the car for a speeding ticket. Accused of a crime because she was driving his car so she must be an accomplice because “It just looked funny.” His dad was a policeman who wasarrested for protecting his home (Not with a gun) from hoodlums who were busy writing racial slurs all over the siding.

Then I pick up the phone yesterday to find out that my beautiful 7 year old great nephew accidentally saw a bit of the news yesterday and wants to know how he can become white skinned because he is afraid he will be killed.

I am heartbroken about that one.

There are a few crazy rabid dogs out there who don’t think that all lives matter and are trying to divide us instead of unite us. Please don’t make the mistake of lumping them in with people who are truly trying to change America for the better. It’s like blaming all Muslims for the horrific attacks or blaming all Christians for the murder and bombings of abortion clinics.

What’s important here is LOVE, COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING.  If you’ve actually taken the time to get this far in this post you were blessed with a damn fine voice. Don’t be afraid to use it powerfully.



I don’t know who to attribute the above image to. It’s beautiful. I wish I’d taken it. I hope that for the purpose of this message that whoever did won’t mind me sharing it.

Creating a space for creativity, team work and fun – at work or at home

“It’s ok to:
say “I don’t know”

ask for more clarity

stay at home when you feel ill

say you don’t understand

ask what acronyms stand for

ask why, and why not

forget things

introduce yourself

depend on the team

ask for help

not know everything

have quiet days

have loud days, to talk, joke and laugh

put your headphones on

say “No” when you’re too busy

make mistakes



not check your email out of hours

not check your email constantly during hours

just Slack it

walk over and ask someone face-to-face

go somewhere else to concentrate

offer feedback on other people’s work

challenge things you’re not comfortable with

say yes when anyone does a coffee run

prefer tea


have a messy desk

have a tidy desk

work how you like to work

ask the management to fix it

have off-days

have days off”

We don’t know who wrote this but we think it’s brilliant! We stumbled upon it at  some thing called GDS.

Alone: The Magical Doorway


You are Alone!

Alone indeed!

You always have been…

You always will be.

This is not your curse…

It’s your eternal Blessing.

For Alone’s not apart,

It’s a one-ness your entering.

Let’s look and see

How this might be,

When I think I’m apart,

Alone as can be.

Let’s use this apart,

The apart of me…

And see what it means

If I turn it on me.

As I stand aside,

As I already am…

And inspect the one

Who thinks “I Am”.

Then observing a moment

With feeling I see…

This apart of me…

Is part of “we”.

Yet I know that I Am!

It’s inherent in me…

So this apart of me…

A dichotomy?

Can I  be apart

From the I Am of me?

It’s who I Am!

It’s how I see!

So what must be missing

For me to Be…

In a state Alone

apart from we?

One simple ingredient

Is all that is missing…

It’s in front of one’s nose…

It’s right where your kissing.

Not just with the lips

But within each deep breathe…

Embrace this ingredient,

And Life offers its best.

The Source of it’s Pure!

It’s easy to reach.

It’s easy to use.

It’s easy to teach.

For in the being

It will readily spread…

As if by magic,

Without being led.

It’s the one pure Gift

For All to See!

When Love is added,

A-Part becomes We.

For Love is majestic!

Treating All specially. 

It Transforms Alone…

To The All-One of me.


Poetry is the exclusive property of The One of Us. All rights reserved.

 Attribution for Picture unknown..

Are you ready to create ​your life as a glorious work of art?


My friend Jane is an absolutely fascinating woman and when she speaks, I always listen.   We sat down on the chiseled stone block that borders on the entrance to our part of the garden. She began to tell me about her dream; a splendid and dramatic experience in which she was visited by elves, fairies and dwarfs who were walking in and out of her heart, carrying chandeliers, paintings, mirrors, dishes, draperies and gorgeous silken rugs.

Ever curious, she asked them what they were doing. “Why we’re Redecorating your Soul”, the elves laughed!   “ Your inner décor has gotten a wee bit dated and you haven’t washed your windows in centuries!”

As she told me the details, I began to notice that a change had really come upon her. She’s always laughing and twinkly because she’s quite Irish elf herself,  but on this day she was absolutely effervescent. The experience of having her soul completely redecorated from the inside out had totally reconnected her with her life’s work and her passions!

Needless to say, I was completely enchanted and intrigued! Then the light bulb went off!

I asked her what she was doing with the idea. “Why nothing” she said. I came in to tell you because “YOU need to do something with it.”

So I went home and told Jim about it and he loved the thought of it as much as I did. We began to talk about, dream about it and play with the concept. Redecorating from the inside out? Why not? How much fun would it be to structure a conversation that is   ontological in nature around the concepts of Creativity, Beauty, Spirit and Home.  Soon our new program Redecorating the Soul was ready to be born.

It is a Three month program with three specific parts:

  • Dream the Dream!
  • Engage the Dream!
  • Embolden the Dream!

We give great homework that’s designed to help you create real magic and power so that you can create your life exactly the way that you’ve always wanted it.

So tell us. Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life…yourself and each other? Are you ready to recreate your life as the work of art that you’ve always wanted it to be?

It’s our great honor that you’re considering us as guides for your journey!

Let’s get started!

Conscious Foreplay Leads to Happiness

1454745_10205459831032703_8222856261716706795_nI love to listen to the thoughts that run through my mind. Of course, everyone likes to hear themselves talk, those who know me would say I am blessed with that for sure. But I also like to hear myself think. Not just to ramble on to myself but largely in part because I can actually process thoughts that lead me to a state of peace and even joy. Which is the topic of this particular post; Conscious Foreplay Leads to Happiness!

In a crude sense the folly of consciousness before it awakens to its true nature or spiritual wisdom is a lot like foreplay. You can engage in it as much as you want, “it” being the voice that talks to you while you read this. That’s right, I’m not the only “mind babbler” in the room. It is something most of us do every waking moment. And there is no limit to the creativity that can be expressed or the time that can be spent there.  But what is truly different about this particular foreplay as opposed to sexual foreplay is that you cannot just get down to the business of a spiritually awakening climax as quickly as you want to. In other words, unlike a sexual orgasm you cannot decide to just skip this process we are comparing to foreplay and suddenly awaken, although I will assert that you still need an intention to move in this direction.

Why not go straight to the climax? What makes awakening different?

Well, when engaged in sex you can decide when you are going to shift from foreplay to the business of an orgasm, and in some cases control the moment of climax! With a spiritual awakening however it is quite different because of “who” is engaging. The process of awakening as it relates to spirituality is one where the doer, that’s you, undergoes a profound shift in awareness that transforms all of your underlying motives. The context of one awakened is without “independent” motives. In other words, the one-ness of the awakened state is very different from the physical existence or perspective we are tied to (consciously) prior to awakening. I know that can be a lot to digest, but stay with me for a minute…

You are awakening to the essence of what you are and as such you become one with that essence – you awaken to the moment to moment nature of being. Don’t bother trying to “think” of what that would be like or what the end goal is about. Instead, use your imagination to venture out into this wondrous and beautiful but unknown territory referred to as spiritual foreplay. A territory where you head in a particular direction to experience something wonderful, exploring, discovering, but not knowing what it is, until you arrive. Because by the very nature of what is described here you cannot know it until it is fully realized, much like waking up every morning from a deep sleep!

So, as with sex, to begin such a journey you must first intentionally plant the seed in your mind using your imagination (unintended pun), the wonderful seed of a new and profound joy that is your experience of life, beyond anything you can think of, but one you are capable of creating through your very own imagination.

What have you got to lose? This is just an adventure of the mind, using one’s own imagination!

So I leave you with one more distinction for foreplay as it relates to spiritual awakening. Experiment! Just like a healthy sexual relationship involves strong intimacy and creativity, a spiritual awakening is not something you are going to bump into uninspired. And just like the work of a good relationship, you might not always like what you see at first as you work to move into this territory. Anyone who has done any type of self reflection, in any area of their life, knows that at some point you need to take a deeper look at the focal point of this topic – you. I can assure you that it is completely worth it!

Besides the obvious benefits and attraction to spiritual foreplay, I will assert that this specific inquiry is a means of transforming any area of your life to exactly what you want it to be. Whether it’s resolving a particular challenge, achieving some goal, or just creatively playing in this wonderful space of infinite possibilities called life. That’s because you are working with foundational components of what actually produces results in your life. Who you are being!

This approach isn’t just for people who are successful and motivated, working to achieve some new goal or focused on a specific area of one’s life. If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, not happy with where things are, that life is not living up to what you think or feel it should be, that is a fantastic sign that you have a new seed that wants to grow. A seed that simply needs your attention, your inquiry.

Anyone who wants to accomplish something, whether already successful or not, begins that journey knowing that something is missing. It can be a goal you want to achieve or a sad feeling of not having something you want in life. Either way, it’s just a matter of getting to the source of these “inspirations” no matter where you perceive yourself to be. So when I say you can achieve anything or overcome any obstacle I am talking about using the folly of spiritual foreplay to achieve your desired outcome. If you are not giving any time to thinking about the nature of your life and happiness you may be missing out on something — something big! Your personal brand of happiness!

So to bring this post to completion using our comparison, the process of spiritual foreplay is an inquiry! There is no reason to feel guilty, you’re not breaking any rules, nothing transmitted you can’t deal with, you’re not indulging in something you shouldn’t. You are simply “inquiring”, which you will find to be a very rich, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

So I invite you to this new foreplay, to the examination of the context of your life, the foreplay of your conscious thoughts and of a new awareness of your Being!

Be Well! Be Blessed!

Choose Love….

“There is nothing
To do…
But Choose Love!
It’s True!
After that
You’ll see,
Love’s meant…
For to Be!

For Love
Great Joy…
So real!

A Gift…
You’re Undressing!
Your Soul!”
What a Blessing!

It Beats
Your Heart.
Your Every
It knows
What to do…
And it does it

It’s only a choice…
An intention…
With Love…
From Love…
As Love…
So Taken!

It’s a powerful
From an “I”…
That demonstrates
An empirical

Life’s Beauty.
Life’s Bliss.
Life’s Greatest Invention!
When time is lost!
We become…
Love’s Ascension!

Not to rise…
To a state,
Something else.
But to be…
And to know,
There is…
Nothing else!

Your “you”;
The All…
It’s True!!!

and Know.
Choosing Love
With Passion,
Is How…
Life Grows!

Did I fail to mention…
The Gift of Ascension…
To Raise up Love…
Our Soul’s True Intention!”

Love & Blessings


The Image shown was not taken by us…We do not know who to attribute it to.